Hoary Bat 

(Lasiurus Cinereus)




Dark fur frosted at the tips, golden coloration around the face, rounded ears, blunt tragus and furred tail flap. Primary Prey: Mainly moths. 
Emerges late in evening. Hunts at treetop level, fields, over streams and around outdoor lights. Eats moths, true bugs, mosquitoes, dragonflies, and other insects.
Predators: Jays, kestrels and snakes, and likely include hawks and owls.
Range: Highly associated with forested habitats in the west. This species ranges from near the limit of trees in Canada, southward at least to Guatemala, and from Brazil to Argentina and Chile in South America. It is also found in Hawaii and the Galapagos Islands.
Chattering and hissing sounds audible to humans.
Hoary bats are solitary and roost primarily in foliage of both coniferous and deciduous trees, near the ends of branches. Roosts are usually at the edge of a clearing. When roosting, uses its furry tail as a blanket.
Wingspan: cm /  13-16 inches 
Weight: Avg.  g /. oz
Body Length: Avg.  mm   /  5.1-5.9 inches
Offspring:1-4 pup. (2 is most common). Young fly at 4-5weeks old
Lifespan: Avg. years