Yuma Myotis Bat  

(Myotis Yumanensis)




Short fur shaded tan or brown on top, with whitish or buffy underparts.
Primary Prey: Feeds primarily on moths, midges, caddisflies, craneflies, beetles, and other small insects. Predators: Domestic cats, martens, fishers, mice, owls, hawks, snakes, raccoons, and other small carnivores. Range:
• Clutter specialist
• Emerge from roost after dark, flying very low over surfaces of water and meadows.
• Like all North American bats, Yuma myotis drinks while on the wing. 
• Usually disappear 2 hours after dark, suggesting remarkable efficiency in hunting. 
• All insectivorous species of bats are a sensible means of pest control on agricultural crops. 
• A Yuma myotis can consume up to half of its weight every night feeding on moths, beetles, flies, etc. Wingspan: Avg. 235 mm
Weight: Avg. 6.25 g  
Length: 84-99 mm   
Offspring: 1 pup.  Avg. age at sexual maturity: 1 year
Life Span: Avg. 8.8 years, but often well beyond 10 years old.